I’m a person-centred psychotherapist, I offer counselling primarily to adults (clients over the age of 16). My experience as a psychotherapist has been varied, working with bereavement, relationship issues, and people facing uncertainty and transitional periods in their life. I have also worked with survivors of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, coercive control, people with addictions, terminal illnesses, general and complex mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, depression and anxiety. A key part of my practice is working with you rather than the diagnosis or label, to understand your experience and how and why you feel the things that you do. The way that we process what happens to us has always been fascinating to me, it is what led to me deciding to become a psychotherapist and researcher. It feels such a privilege to work with people, to stand by the side of my clients as they reveal their world, their values and their sense of self. I help clients to disentangle and be free of the things that are holding them back, to become more authentic, by facilitating a confidential therapeutic relationship that fosters psychological growth.



Trauma is a very wide, subjective term that encompasses an enormous amount of experiences that can have a catastrophic impact on a person. Recovering from trauma can be extremely challenging. Psychotherapy can help by exploring what has happened, at your pace, providing you with a safe, confidential space to understand how your experiences have impacted your life, your thought patterns and your relationships. Person-centred psychotherapy is a relational form of counselling, the process is very much client led, based on facilitating autonomy, within a safe, confidential space built upon acceptance, trust and empathy. The process helps you to reconnect with yourself and your sense of self-worth that is central to psychological growth and human flourishing.



I have completed my MA in Person-Centred Experiential Psychotherapy at The University of Nottingham, I have subsequently been funded by the BACP to complete a PhD, researching psychotherapy for complex trauma. I have a small private practice in Stamford, based at The Broad St Practice, I am also a Director of The Human Flourishing Project in Nottingham, which is a research clinic. During my MA, I researched psychological wellbeing, and how psychotherapy can contribute to this. I adhere to BACP ethical framework for my practice, and I also hold an enhanced DBS certificate. Choosing a therapist can be very challenging. The relationship that you form with your therapist is pivotal, so I would encourage you to contact me confidentially, I’d value the opportunity to talk about how we can work together therapeutically.